Insurtechcon2017 | Nimbla talk Hype vs Impact

Insurtechcon2017 | Nimbla talk Hype vs Impact

This years Insurtech Conference, hosted at Shoreditch Town Hall on Friday the 22nd of September was absolutely packed by 9.00am. Every seat was full and waiting in anticipation for the talks to begin. Kicking off with Innovation Leader from Channel Syndicate, Will Thorne on the first panel of the day, shedding some light on the innovation of insurance in the London Market, ( alongside the likes of KPMG, Elseco, Hyperion, Azur and the Insurance insider )


At 10.00 am, Hosted by Christopher Sandilands from Oxbow Partners, was my favourite (unbiased of course) talk of the day, with the panel discussing which current and ‘hot topic’ events, are impacting the world of insurance, and which ones are just a bunch of hype. As we all know the scene is changing for Insurance. Some people are simply fed up with the pace of change, and some are embracing it. This talk addressed exactly that, and had some extremely innovative minds sharing their opinions and experiences.


Our very own CEO Flemming Bengtsen was joined by Jennyfer Yeung-Williams from Munich Re Digital Partners, CEO and Co-Founder of Slice, Tim Attia, Chris Butcher from Ambant Underwriting and Dylan Bourguignon from S0-sure.


Overall a fantastic event and I will definitely be coming back next year, this time I will make sure to leave time for the pizza and beer!


Full agenda can be seen here:


Ania Kubow

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