Nimbla visit Xerocon 2017

Nimbla visit Xerocon 2017

Hailed as the Coachella of the Accounting world, Xerocon 2017 did not disappoint! The London Xero Conference was held at the Excel centre in Royal Victora Dock, E16 and the full Nimbla team was there to join the fun. it was fantastic to see so many of our fellow start-ups present, with the likes of invoicing specialists Chaser, Fluidly and many many more. The sold-out event kicked off with Day 1 on Wednesday the 4th of October with all the tea, cakes and ice cream you could imagine.


Our favourite talk was by OBE,  author and independent advisor, Richard Susskind. Richard discussed the future of the Accounting Profession. Will we see technology bringing in a more efficient version of what we have today? He argued that in an internet society, we’ll neither need nor want accountants, lawyers or many other professionals, to work as they did in the twentieth century. We couldn’t agree more and are thrilled to be part of making a safer and more transparent platform for credit cover.


No Xercon would be complete without a massive blow out party. Wednesday’s evening event saw just that, with start-ups, Xero-tians (Xero-ers?) and Accountants dancing the night away.


Check out some of our favourite photos, courtesy of Xero below. (More can be seen by going to the link to the left)








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