October 17th event in London | Building better relationships with B2B customers – A practical guide

October 17th event in London | Building better relationships with B2B customers – A practical guide

This session by Nimbla CEO/Founder Flemming Bengtsen will give Businesses further insight into the practical steps they can take to manage or improve B2B relationships whilst making sure they are not exposing themselves to risk.


Key questions that all businesses should be asking when prospecting or working with existing businesses (small or large) will be addressed “Will they pay?”, “When will they pay?”, “How do they treat suppliers?”


You’ve audited your customers, how do you benchmark against your competitors? Where do you rank against your competitors? Why should you be chosen above your competition? Are your competitors a less risky proposition?


What does all of the above mean for you as an SME? Where are you in the pecking order and what can you do to protect yourself?


What tools are available out there that can successfully manage your relationships whilst remaining focused on the bottom line?


Following on from Flemming’s discussion, Caroline will run through the key legal terms in a typical B2B commercial agreement. She will highlight those provisions which are often hotly-negotiated between the parties as well as flag the main areas of risk for a customer/supplier.



Key questions from our perspective include: “What happens if the relationship breaks down?” “How can I get out of this contract?” “What happens post-termination?” “Are there any concerns re IP and data protection?” “Who is ultimately liable for any non-performance/breach at different stages of the agreement? (i.e. are any third parties involved)”




6pm – Arrive at WeWork Aldgate

6:30pm – 7:15pm – Flemming Bengsten Founder of Nimbla

7:15 – 8pm – Caroline Sherrington from Ignition Law

8pm- 8:30pm – Networking



Tickets for event here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/building-better-relationships-with-b2b-customers-a-practical-guide-tickets-37907111190


Hope to see you there! Email me for any questions.



Ania Kubow



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