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Doisy and Dam was started not, as I originally thought, by two individuals named Daisy and Dom with a quirky sense of humour, but in fact by two friends called Richard and Ed. Richard and Ed started their story at the ages of 5 when their friendship blossomed. They describe themselves as huge chocoholics and that is no surprise, as their chocolate is simply that of dreams.


After consuming copious amounts of chocolate as one does through life, it is hard to come across something that tastes truly innovative. This is Richard and Ed’s mission at Doisy and Dam however, and they have a whole online shop to prove it. You have everything from ‘Goja and Orange’ to ‘Coconut and Lucuma’. It’s no wonder you can see the tastefully packaged tasteful treats pretty much in every shop over London.


If you haven’t had a chance to drool over something today, head over to: Doisy and Dam






Perhaps its because I have been craving Tacos all day, or perhaps its because I am completely in love with the graphic design and packaging, but this weeks #SMEoftheWeek is Dodie Millers Mexican food company , Cool Chile Company.


Dodie Miller started Cool Chile in 1993 with a simple idea: to import a wide variety of the best dried chillies direct from Mexico, and to provide the UK with a whole new range of flavours for real Mexican cooking.



What Cool Chile Company say: There are certain warm, earthy flavours and smells that instantly transport you to Mexico. Whether it’s salsas and sauces made with toasted dried chillies, tortillas fresh from the comal, Mexican chocolate whipped into a hot frothy drink, Mexican oregano rubbed over pozole, or black beans bubbling in a pot with epazote, these are the tastes and spiced sensations we want to bring into your home.


We began small, importing a handful of chilli varieties and selling them from our market stall, first in Portobello Market and then in Borough. While travelling in Mexico, we researched (ate), tested (ate), tasted (ate) and when we got home, we began to produce our own salsas, sauces and pastes, faithfully made using traditional Mexican recipes and our delicious imported chillies.


In 2005, fresh corn tortillas were hard to come by so we imported a shiny new tortilla machine, which we named Lupita, and began making our own corn tortillas. After three years’ faithful service, Lupita couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand and was replaced by El Monstruo, which produces our fresh corn tortillas daily, seven days a week.


The quirky company even have some mouth watering recipes on their website, which i think is a fantastic addition and insight into how they themselves would use their products.  If you haven’t checked them out already. do it now.


Happy Friday, now off to make a Pambazo.




There has understandably been a great deal of press around Carillion and the loss of jobs. In this blog post, I want to explore a little about how that comes about via a chain of events and also how it could be mitigated. The knock-on effect could be disastrous. Let’s take an example. If a company has £800k outstanding with Carillion (let’s assume zero recovery) that creditor might have a further £500k+ outstanding with sub-contractors related to that one contract with Carillion. It takes a fairly robust company to withstand that kind of stress. If they default many of those sub-contractors will also have no option but to default on their own commitments.


There has been a lot of noise about trade credit insurers pulling cover on certain names prior to this default in construction but also retail (New Look and Maplins for example). The reason for this is that the concentration of risk for the insurers has become too great. The exposures we are talking about are from large corporates with millions outstanding and, let’s be clear, they are covered for the majority of their exposure. The smaller contractors do not have such protection either directly or indirectly. This means that contagion from Carillion could be catastrophic. In some respects it is more important that the smaller companies have cover in place as they are less able to withstand those sorts of losses. What we have is a potential systemic risk.


Contractors should take out insurance against their employer becoming insolvent. In reality, very few do, largely because it is not readily available. Working as a contractor through a limited company has many benefits but you do not get the same rights as employees in an insolvency. Employee salaries are paid before unsecured creditors and shareholders so you are further back in the queue.  Those lending to those contractors certainly should insist on insurance. While difficult to enforce the sub-contractors themselves should insist their employer takes out cover or perhaps discount their services as a result of such securities. The reality is that very few consider these risks as being relevant to them.


Why do small businesses not have this protection?  Firstly they cannot afford the premiums demanded for whole turnover. Secondly it is not even offered for small turnovers. For most they don’t need whole turnover cover or at least they can’t afford it. Sometimes they have a high concentration to a single debtor but only for a fraction of the year or as a one-off. The existing products simply do not fit. This is where Nimbla comes in.

The relationship between and surfboard shaper is one of great importance!


Despite what the internet may say (and we have looked!), shaping a surfboard is a skill, that is almost as addictive as surfing itself. Anyone can technically shape a surfboard, but the end product might not be the high end product you visualised in your head! Its an art. A passion. Just ask the guys at Howzi Surfboards, our winners of #SMEOfTheWeek!


Howzi Surfboards is a custom shaped surfboard company based in Aberavon, South Wales, UK. They offer the latest surfboard designs in modern progressive surfing, a mixture of old, new and ‘alternative’ concepts in Performance Shortboards, Twins, Classic & Modern Fishes, Retro, Mini Simmons and Mini Mals.


Their custom surfboards are tried and tested by surfers of all abilities, helping them to improve their designs and enabling them to suggest the best option for all levels of surfing. The research they do is on a wide range of surfboard designs at many surf spots throughout Wales and the UK to ensure  maximum performance from their boards.



Don’t believe us? Check out the website and the boards right here


It has been a fantastic start to the week and 2018 for that matter. We had the honour of being interviewed by the Huffington Post, where our own Flemming shares his ‘5 things he wishes someone told him before becoming CEO’ – and we love it. Have a read of the full interview right here.


We have been told the video is out soon, but here is a sneak preview for you guys….





“We want to give smaller companies access to the same tools that big companies have to manage that risk and level the playing field.”

– Flemming Bengtsen

We are massive fans of the Lavender Hill, London based Yoga studio, Union Station Yoga.  Their mission is to create a space for you to slow down from the fast-pace of big city living and take time to connect to yourself and your community. All of the teachers have been carefully chosen and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles. Expect a warm welcome, passionate people and heart-opening yoga!



Choose clothes that accommodate a range of movement and that you won’t get too hot in. It isn’t a hot yoga studio, but expect to sweat! For ladies, this could be a pair of tights or crops and a tank top or t-shirt. For the guys, this could be shorts with a t-shirt or sleeveless top. You don’t wear shoes or socks when you practice, so no need to worry about your footwear!

Here are a few requests and tips to keep the peace and respect the space, your teachers and fellow students:

  1. Arrive at least 10 minutes before class.
  2. Be mindful of noise levels in the reception area.
  3. Take off your shoes before entering the studio.
  4. No open glasses of water in the studio. Please bring a water bottle or use the mason jars with lids we provide.
  5. Please turn your phone off or place it on silent (with vibrate off). We request that you do not bring your phone into the studio space, unless required due to ‘on call’ work or other extenuating circumstances.


Make sure to check out their gallery here



Brand new year, brand new ideas.


With 2018 just around the corner, we round up the Internets best marketing tools for Small Business owners so you don’t have to.


Each app has been tried and tested by us, and we have been ruthless with the picking. We have stuck to the free ones, however some do have an upgrade that you have to pay for. Running a business is tough, let us help you with these top 5 marketing tools:








A classic favourite of any young startup, pixlr is an easy to use alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Currently free to use, the platform is a fantastically affordable option, compared to the £1000+ Adobe version. Yes, it is of course limited in its functionality, for example the maximum pixel size you can work with is 4000, however for the price point I will by no means complain.


Apply a quick fix or add a personal touch with creative effects, overlays, and borders. It is ideal for touching up photos and its easy to use functionality makes it our number one marketing tool for 2018.  (In fact we used it to get rid of the background on this logo right here to the left!)










We came across biteable recently and fell in love with it. Make a video online for free with the video maker & animation maker. Full disclosure, to remove the watermark will cost you, but for a year long subscription at under £100, I think its worth it.

As an app, I feel it is important to experiment with humanisation. We have used biteable to create our own little shiny knight robot. The robot will walk you through our most frequently asked questions, and explain all our newest functions via a quick 30 second – 1 min video. The videos are perfect for social media and tutorials.











Buffer is began as an easy way to schedule tweets in 2010. Today, they are considered one of the leading social media management tools. They have come a long way since their birth, and now boast of a comprehensive platform with great UX. Schedule your tweets, instagram, facebook and even linkedin posts, all together, or pick and choose.


Buffer is great for social media management, especially when you are a small business owner wearing many hats. it allows you to schedule all your main content on Monday to run throughout the week. However, do not forget that social media is meant to be for those real time moments. Don’t over do it with the scheduling and try to be reactive to any relevant situation.











Yes you are reading correctly, YouTube is on the 2018 top marketing tools list. Despite being considered a relic in terms of its inception being 2005, the powerful tool is seeing a huge increase in users and traffic. With video content only rising, we predict Youtube will take a dominant seat amongst brands and influencers a like.


Unlike some apps which wiped out user followings over night (Vine), YouTube is here to stay, and we are excited to see how it develops with its increasing popularity.










Something I have just found out is that Slack, is actually an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”, which makes it even more wonderful than a second ago!


Slack is fantastic for a young start up, especially when colleagues work remotely. It is easy to use and reminds me of a far more advanced version of Yahoo messenger (I am showing my age now). You can search for terms or files that you have shared internally, and the best part about it, notifications pop up on your mobile phone too.


Slack is cloud based, and is slowly becoming the staple communication tool for tech start ups and creatives alike around the globe.







Any apps that have missed my attention? Please do get in touch – would love to hear from you!





The winners of this weeks #SMEofTheWeek are new app Gym Plan. We have seen the young company in various places, wework for a start, and are very impressed by their marketing and strategy. Founded by Paul Slater,  Dave Stidolph and Mark Hemmings, the app creates awesome workouts and programmes designed around you. The company is currently hiring for tech, design and marketing roles, so if you have a passion for training, definitely give the guys a nudge!


Track your progress, nutrition and training patterns all in one spot.


The app gives you fully structured gym plans for muscle building and fat loss along with the exact macronutrient breakdown to get visible results, fast. Everything expertly programmed by certified trainers.

You’ll follow interactive written plans with demo videos, a workout experience that has been designed specifically for gyms. No wasted time and battery killing streaming of long workout videos on your phone, we get you training as a real coach would.

What’s more, you have certified trainers and nutritional advisors on live chat to help you anytime as you progress towards your goal body and 30-day check-in’s to maximise your results.


Well done guys! Love it





This weeks small business of the week goes to charity World Volunteer! Controversial to call a charity an SME but we are just such big fans of the organisation we wanted to highlight their worthy cause. World Volunteer assist schools and local NGO’s in Vientiane, Laos.

The purpose based organisation runs small scale development programs with ethnic minority groups in South East Asia. Their service learning programs allow IB students to learn and contribute their skills to create a positive change. Together with CAS students, they build eco-bungalows and eco-bathrooms that allow communities to become self-sufficient and generate future income.

Transform yourself with life changing experiences abroad that will redefine the way you see yourself, and the world. This isn’t a typical volunteering program, but a service learning program that will redefine your understanding of the world around you. World Volunteer offers you a chance to immerse yourself in local culture as you do your part to develop a community. Find out more here!




Congrats guys!



This week we are absolutely in love with the microbrewery based in Manchester – Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. The quirky beer makers have been making daring, innovative and high quality beer since early 2017. I have chosen them as #SMEOfTheWeek due to their excellently executed branding. The vibrant colours and graphic designs on the cans make me want to buy them all. Each can has a little back story too. My favourite is probably Farmhouse Hitchhiker – their New Zealand farmhouse ale with motueka and rakau hops, lime zest and savvignong blanc oak.


Farmhouse Hitchhiker is inspired by the amazing hops of New Zealand and the traditional rustic saisons go Belgium. We have liberally hopped/dry hopped a simple saison recipe with New Zealand hops before then infusing the beer with lime zest and sauvignon blanc oak.

Make sure to check out the rest right here.