SME OF THE WEEK | Beatnikz Republic

SME OF THE WEEK | Beatnikz Republic

This week we are absolutely in love with the microbrewery based in Manchester – Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. The quirky beer makers have been making daring, innovative and high quality beer since early 2017. I have chosen them as #SMEOfTheWeek due to their excellently executed branding. The vibrant colours and graphic designs on the cans make me want to buy them all. Each can has a little back story too. My favourite is probably Farmhouse Hitchhiker – their New Zealand farmhouse ale with motueka and rakau hops, lime zest and savvignong blanc oak.


Farmhouse Hitchhiker is inspired by the amazing hops of New Zealand and the traditional rustic saisons go Belgium. We have liberally hopped/dry hopped a simple saison recipe with New Zealand hops before then infusing the beer with lime zest and sauvignon blanc oak.

Make sure to check out the rest right here.


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