SME of the Week | Doisy and Dam

SME of the Week | Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam was started not, as I originally thought, by two individuals named Daisy and Dom with a quirky sense of humour, but in fact by two friends called Richard and Ed. Richard and Ed started their story at the ages of 5 when their friendship blossomed. They describe themselves as huge chocoholics and that is no surprise, as their chocolate is simply that of dreams.


After consuming copious amounts of chocolate as one does through life, it is hard to come across something that tastes truly innovative. This is Richard and Ed’s mission at Doisy and Dam however, and they have a whole online shop to prove it. You have everything from ‘Goja and Orange’ to ‘Coconut and Lucuma’. It’s no wonder you can see the tastefully packaged tasteful treats pretty much in every shop over London.


If you haven’t had a chance to drool over something today, head over to: Doisy and Dam






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