SME of The Week | Eleven

SME of The Week | Eleven

This weeks winner of our #SMEofTheWeek is natural energy drink ELEVEN.


Brainchild of Creative Director Rory Knighton, Eleven’s name is just as clever as the drink itself.  The name is inspired by a line in the 1984 film, Spinal Tap.  When guitarist Nigel Tufnel shows off his amps to Marty Di Bergi (Rob Reiner), he shows him the loudest one of them all — all its knobs go to 11, which as we discover is “one louder” than 10. When Di Bergi asks, “Why don’t you just make 10 louder and make 10 be the top number?” Nigel quickly disregards that line of inquiry by simply and confidently saying “These go to 11.”


We love the idea of questioning limits, and the name is so apt for the performance amplifying energy drink.


Rory is determined to make a difference in the food space through education and the demystification of food ingredients. In particular the current trend of pseudo “healthy’ sugars creeping into everyday foods.


Make sure to check out the brand right here.


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