SME OF THE WEEK | Howzi Surfboards

SME OF THE WEEK | Howzi Surfboards

The relationship between and surfboard shaper is one of great importance!


Despite what the internet may say (and we have looked!), shaping a surfboard is a skill, that is almost as addictive as surfing itself. Anyone can technically shape a surfboard, but the end product might not be the high end product you visualised in your head! Its an art. A passion. Just ask the guys at Howzi Surfboards, our winners of #SMEOfTheWeek!


Howzi Surfboards is a custom shaped surfboard company based in Aberavon, South Wales, UK. They offer the latest surfboard designs in modern progressive surfing, a mixture of old, new and ‘alternative’ concepts in Performance Shortboards, Twins, Classic & Modern Fishes, Retro, Mini Simmons and Mini Mals.


Their custom surfboards are tried and tested by surfers of all abilities, helping them to improve their designs and enabling them to suggest the best option for all levels of surfing. The research they do is on a wide range of surfboard designs at many surf spots throughout Wales and the UK to ensure  maximum performance from their boards.



Don’t believe us? Check out the website and the boards right here


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