SME of the Week | Little Bistro

SME of the Week | Little Bistro

This beautifully packaged delight is from a company called Kiddylicious, with their range of quality meals for kids called Little Bistro.  The range has been so successful, it can now be found in all major UK supermarkets and operates in over 18 countries. Who knew Children were so high brow about their meals!


The name ‘Little Bistro’ is a playful nod to contemporary adult dining and top notch cuisine. It’s all about a grounding in fantastic, quality food and the first steps to an appreciation of great taste. The branding itself gives new parents the comfort that they are making the very best choice.


The packaging is the first in the market to be transparent – nothing to hide in the ingredients. It’s so great to see a brand so honest, open and proud of their food. As a parent buying this for their kids, it is so important that you feel comfortable knowing exactly what you are buying. After all, the meal is intended for them, and not you.


The range tone is food loving, casual and re-assuring – an enthusiastic friend chatting rather than someone preaching.


I would love to say that I have tried the product itself, but I am yet to find myself a toddler to call my own.







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