SME of the week: The Foraging Fox

SME of the week: The Foraging Fox

This week’s SME was found through intensive research into alternatives to our everyday condiments

It’s so easy to reach for familiar brands in supermarkets, but what if there was a tasty, beetroot-based alternative, available not only in an original flavour, but also in ‘smoky’ and ‘hot’ varieties?

The minds behind The Foraging Fox, Frankie and Desiree, were inspired by a love of home-cooking, being crafty with preserving leftovers and a strong sense of family.

Worried about the beetroot element? Well, actually it’s creators believe it goes with everything you’d use a standard condiment for! And the press and public agree.

And what comes from such a natural and intuitive approach to condiments? A product free from allergens, artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners!

Be sure to visit to check out their inspiring recipe ideas and find your nearest Foraging Fox supplier.

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