The Risky Business of Wholesale Food

The Risky Business of Wholesale Food

Food is essential. We will never stop needing it, and no matter how hard the push is for alternatives we’d much rather enjoy a pizza than endure a nutritionally complete beverage substitute!


a piece of mind


Here at Nimbla, we know as a food supplier, you’re passionate about what you do. You’re all about staying ahead of the curve, building good relationships with clients and offering competitive rates. Food is your passion, and there will always be demand, marketability, innovation and supply surrounding your industry. But with all this potential there comes significant risk.


In the light of Carillion, Maplin and even recently Bargain Booze all going under, as small business, having insight into your customers that you are supplying can be life changing. But how?


That’s where Nimbla comes in. Nimbla loves small businesses and believes they should be treated with the same respect and protection as bigger ones so they might grow and thrive amongst them.


We firmly believe that just because you’re small and/or new, doesn’t mean you should be taking unneeded risks.


We lay out your invoices plainly, with live insight into the trends and risks of each client, whether that be on mobile or computer.


How reliable are your suppliers? Check in seconds to see how quickly you’re paid in comparison to your peers.


Enjoy complete transparency. Nothing hidden. Nothing to worry about. Pay only for what you want to protect.


Nimbla understands that your relationships with your suppliers vary, and that not all of your commitments are risks. Our easy to use selection tool means you can protect as and when you see fit- saving you money!


If you’re interested in seeing how Nimbla can work for your wholesale food business, please contact us at:

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